BRM April Update!

Posted Thursday 10 Apr 2014 - 9:53 AM


Wow, nearly half way through the year already! Things have been full on here at BRM as we keep moving forward with new and exciting projects.


We have just received advance copies of the all new INSPIRATION DUNCANS and WARDEN soft cover trades which will be available in late May. Both trades have been updated, with some dialogue changes and about 15% new art added to the Inspiration Duncans, as well as two great new covers. Very happy with the end results that just look amazing, we hope you will seek out a copy from us.

Digitally, the BRM website continues to deliver, with a steady increase in web traffic as we move forward with our weekly releases.


ALICE ON MARS is over halfway through its steampunk tale with Alice knee deep in trouble on Mars. We have already begun receiving art from Writer/Artist Robert Rankin on his third book for us, called THE KIWI CRONICLES.


THE TIME TRAVELLING TOURISTs adventures continue in the Wild West as he encounters problems more personal than terrifying. We have also received new art featuring Beethoven Jones as we prepare for the next evolution of his story.


THE WARDEN continues his journey, as the players assemble, with mercy and Redbeard in particular in the forefront in issue eight as Redbeard makes his move against the Warden in a battle that leaves one permanently scarred.


THE DARWIN FAERIES Prepocalypse has commenced, with Violet of the fay calling her allies to her as she moves to attack Simon directly, all the while, Alice McMonday waits in the wings…


ATTICA issue 9 moves to its final act, as Pollux and Hercules both come to terms with their fates.


So keep coming back, spread the word and we will keep bringing you more diverse and exciting stories.


The Inspiration Duncans

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