BRM December Update!

Posted Tuesday 9 Dec 2014 - 4:58 PM


Things have been a bit hectic here at BRM and as such we have gotten a little behind in some online releases (this is also partly due to the finishing of some storylines), however keep visiting, as we will be back to five days a week releases as we update various storylines, including:

WARDEN – Issue nine commences, with Mercy and Andy playing a larger role in the events to come.

ONE MUST BREAK – The final issue is here. Issue FIVE kicks off the last issue of the story and brings Dark Star back into direct conflict with our team of villains.

PREPOCALYSE – Patrick, Dane and Ben confront the evil of D1 and a new threat in issue two of the INSPIRATION DUNCANS teams Prepocalypse.

THE TIME TRAVELLING TOURIST – Issue 5 continues towards its final pages, leading Beethoven Jones into new and dangerous territory.

THE DARWIN FAERIES - Issue Six commences and brings an all-new character, Alice McMonday into the story.


Volume Two of Attica is due to commencing scripting in January for a mid 2015 online release.

We are also due for art on NOWPocalypse to commence early 2015, with scripting on the final story POSTPocalypse to begin soon.


2015 will see BRM expand more internationally, with at attendance at the Chile – International Comic Festival in Santiago on April 10-12th along with BRM creators William Geradts, Alan Robinson, Gonzalo Martinez, Diego Toro and more!

Plus don’t miss us at the of the 2015 Armageddon expo events in New Zealand starting in Dunedin (Feb 28/March 1st) and then on to Christchurch (march 7/8th) and Hamilton (March 14/15th).


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