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Posted Monday 8 Jun 2015 - 6:01 PM


Digital changes and Book news!


After four years of online digital releases, Beyond Reality Media has decided to end the digital release of our various titles and focus solely on the printed aspect of the company.

The current digital pages will remain online for fans to enjoy, which includes hundreds of pages of content in various titles. We will be expanding our print lineup and putting our resources into advancing the physical books reach internationally. This will include a new online store starting on September 1st 2015 for NZ and international purchase of the various books and participating in New York Comic Con in October.

Current titles in print include…


The Time Travelling Tourist
The Darwin Faeries
Alice on Mars
The Kiwi Chronicles
Attica vol. 1
The Inspiration Duncans
Warden Vol. 1 and 2
Prepocalypse Vol. 1


September 2015 will see the release of
One Must Break
Prepocalypse Vol. 2


March 2016 will see the release of
Warden Vol. 3
Attica Vol. 2


Further titles to come in 2016 and beyond include
Warden Vol. 4 – Warden War
The Time Travelling Tourist 2 – Road to Nowhere
Attica Vol. 3


We hope that you can continue to enjoy the many different titles that BRM produces over the coming years.


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