Beyond Reality Media is pleased to present incredible new ideas to the world of comics in a FREE online release of the following titles



What if the ancient world’s bloodiest conqueror walked the modern world as its greatest prophet?



What if the world’s greatest superhero is actually something else entirely?



Patrick discovered the missing link…then killed it.  He’s REALLY sorry.



One of the most celebrated graphic novel series of the decade is an epic mythology inspired by the art and history of the Soviet Union.


Robert Rankin's EMPIRES

A girl adventurer, a monkey butler, alien invaders and the darkest magic on Earth. The year is 1895 and the world is coming to an end.


Comics will be released online starting from July 1st 2011 and will be on-going with approximately two pages per comic a week.

Collected trades will be available soon starting with ATTICA VOL.1 on November 1st.



Beyond reality media offers an array of talent comic creators participating in the books.

Mainstays of the books include the following creators



Co-writer of ATTICA and WARDEN. Writer/Artist THE RED STAR


Internationally published as an artist and writer at the age of nineteen, Christian Gossett has a diverse professional background in all modern visual media. His character and concept designs have been sought by such visionaries as George Lucas, Peter Jackson and most recently Tim Burton and Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’.


WILLIAM GERADTS (Writer, Producer)



William (or Bill as he is known) has been involved in the entertainment industry in New Zealand for over fifteen years working on film, television and multimedia properties and events. He is the Owner and developer of Beyond Reality Media in New Zealand





Richard has been working in comics for 11 years and has published over 50 titles including the award winning ‘Falling Leaves’ series and ‘Blastosaurus’ which is still the only monthly comic series New Zealand has ever produced.  He also writes a daily web comic and occasionally works as a stand-up comedian.



Current Artist on Issues three onwards as well as breakdowns for issue one of ATTICA.


Richard P. Clark's illustration career began in 1993 while still an undergraduate at The Columbus College of Art and Design. Since then, he's worked for a wildly varied list of clients in several industries–among them HBO, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal and Marvel & DC Comics. He's been finding work again in the Comic Industry, including a recent job for Dark Horse providing finishes over Darick Robertson's breakdowns for The Guild-Vork comic. He's hoping this recent turn into the comic lane sticks as there're literally scores of stories he'd like to unleash on the world.



Current Artist on WARDEN.


Alan Robinson is a chilean artist, responsible for the Weekly World News comic-book series, on IDW. His work can also be found on Terminator: Salvation Prequel, some Star Wars books, and Lost Squad, as a co-creator.  He recently worked with Imagination master Harlan Ellison on Phoenix Without Ashes for IDW too. He lives in Chillan, Chile, with his wife and his little son



Published in Chile since 1987 in a wide range of media, from independent comic magazines to newspapers doing comics, illustrations and comic strips. His strip “Horacio y el Profesor” was published since 1991 to 1999 in the main chilean newspaper El Mercurio and in the comics banner of the Opera internet browser. Formerly an architect, in 2003 finally I decided to work as a full time comic book artist.

Since 2003 he has worked for the american market on titles like Johnston’s Holed Up” with Rich Johnston for Avatar Press, “B.A.B.E. Force” and "Super Teen Topia" and "Ozopolis" with Kirk Kushin for Forcewërks, and Romance comics for Arrow Publications LLC with several writers. In October of 2007, Alfaguara, the chilean branch of the spanish publishing house, published his 120 pages graphic novel “Road Story”. It’s an adaptation of the short story written by the chilean writer and movie director Alberto Fuguet.

In November of 2009 Alfaguara plublished his second graphic novel, “Quique Hache Detective” adaptation of the popular novel written by Sergio Gómez. Since then publishing on a regular basis in Chile and in U.S.A.




Best-selling author of 33 novels and the "Father of Far Fetched Fiction".  Robert has won several major(ish) literary awards  and was made the first ever Fellow of The Victorian Steampunk Society in 2009, (which he got very excited about and had to have a bit of a sit down).  Originally trained as an illustrator, this is his first full scale comic book in over thirty years.

He still cannot master the ukulele.


Joel Gomez - Attica Artist

Joel Gomez got his start at TopCow Productions pencil-assisting on such titles as Witchblade,Tomb Raider & Evo. He went on to work at Aspen Comics assisting on such titles as Soulfire & Iron Saint (formally Iron & the Maiden).


Joel's work got him noticed by Jim Lee who hired him on as a staff artist at Wildstorm Productions where he went on to work on titles such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wetworks, LostBoys:Reign of Frogs, Authority:The Lost Year & Gears of War. He has also done freelance work for DC Comics on Brightest Day, Flashpoint:Reverse Flash & Detective Comics.


Recently, Joel pencilled & inked the successfully funded KickStarter project Liberator, being published by BlackMask Studios.



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